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The Alaskan Queen’s English

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Sarah Palin Invents New Word: Refudiate

Refudiate (verb) post-coherent English:  To revive the principles and policies of Elmer Fudd.

Elmer Fudd (1940–) Republican icon.  Speech therapist for George W. Bush.  Spokesman for the National Rifle Association.  Physical prototype and sperm donor of the Neo-Conservative movement.

Revered, along with Yosemite Sam,  as the token humans of Merrie Melodies cartoons, Fudd heroically fought the carrot-stealing socialism of a pushy New York rabbit as well as the uppity behavior of a black duck.  Off screen, he displayed the same patriotic zeal and was a friendly witness at the HUAC hearings.  (Pepe Le Pew had to work in Europe for years.)

Although now semi-retired–he only sits on 47 corporate boards– Fudd remains an idol of the American Right.  There is talk that a well-known Conservative think tank will be renamed the Hoover and Fudd Institute.   And when planning the capture of Osama bin Laden, Donald Rumsfeld always considered “What would Elmer Fudd do?”