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Hog Dogma

Posted in General on July 16th, 2011 by Eugene Finerman – Be the first to comment

CME shuts down iconic pork belly futures market

Pork belly contract phased outLive pork bellies on the floor of the old Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1967. Once the most-traded contract at the Merc, the contract is being eliminated today.                                                (Chicago Tribune Historic Print)

And what a collection of icons it was.  Above is Giotto’s depiction of St. Swithin Waspington offering a breakfast communion to his tailor/accountant St. Sidney.

Among other masterpieces are Raphael’s Annunciation of the Florin Futures opening prices,  Van Eyck’s The Martyrdom of St. Margincall, and Durer’s “Conversion of the Deutschmarks to Euros.”

For some reason, there is no depiction of Jesus driving the moneychangers out of the Temple.

Speaking of dogma, let’s not forget the historic significance of this day: