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Happy New Year!

Posted in General on September 13th, 2015 by Eugene Finerman – Be the first to comment

According to the Jewish calendar, the world just had its birthday and is a sprightly 5777 years old.  Yes, God is lying about His age.  Of course, He might want to look younger than Bernie Sanders.  But it is more than just vanity.  God hates admitting mistakes: His first attempts at Chosen People.

The Trilobites proved to be such a disappointment; two hundred million years of just swimming.  The dinosaurs at least were entertaining–for the first 150 million years; but mutating into canaries was rather anticlimactic.  As for the Neanderthals, they just weren’t bright enough for 600 dietary laws–constantly mixing milk and mastodon.

Finally, some 5700 years ago, God posted Himself on J-Date:  “Deity, with undeniable quirks, interested in monogamous relationship.  Can’t promise you Heaven but how about some sand dunes on the Eastern Mediterranean?”

And we have been going steady ever since.